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Request for Quote

RFQ1832 - Request for Construction Management Services
RFQ1815 - Request for Architectural Services

Current Bids

BID1842 - Hardscape Improvements at Concord High School
BID1841 - Hardscape Improvement at Various Sites, Summer 2019
BID1840 - Bldg. Demolition and Pad Prep Food Services Warehouse
BID1839 - Purchasing Roof Coating
BID1836 - Bus Garage Menís Restroom Upgrade
BID1835 - Food Service Warehouse
BID1834 - Warehouse Infrastructure Upgrade
BID1833 - Painting Summer 2019 Package 3
BID1831 - Restroom Renovations at Strandwood Elementary School Summer 2019
BID1830 - Restroom Renovations at Westwood Elementary School Summer 2019
BID1829 - Prop 39 Energy Management System
BID1826 - Window Replacements at Mt. Diablo High School 2019
BID1825 - Painting Summer 2019 Package 2
BID1824 - Painting Summer 2019 Package 1
BID1823 - Bus Garage Roof Coating
BID1820 - 2019 Summer Roof Project Package 3
BID1819 - 2019 Summer Roof Project Package 2
BID1818 - 2019 Summer Roof Project Package 1
BID1814 - Window Replacements at Mt. Diablo High School 2019
BID1813 - Oak Grove Middle School Field Renovation
BID1805 - Mt Diablo High Bleacher Repair
BID1803 - Door Replacements For Multiple Sites Summer 2018

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